Files security and privacy are always important for everyone. Because sometimes your friends or relatives using your computer, in this situation some people do not like to share important files folder to others. Many third-party apps available to protect their important folders, but how can you hide folders without using third-party apps?



This post explains how you can hide the folder completely on a windows computer.


Move to the folder path that you would like to hide.

Then select and right-click on the folder

Select the Open Powershell window here menu

It will be open the windows PowerShell window.
Then you have to enter the following line

attrib +s +h “important”

“important” is the folder name that you would like to hide

Now your folder has been hidden even if you enable the “show hidden files” on the folder options.


If you would like to visible the folder then you must enter the following command line

attrib -s -h “important”

Now your folder will be visible successfully.

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