Microsoft internet information services is turned normal computer into World Wide Web publishing web servers. IIS helps to run dynamic websites such as ASP, and PHP websites. This is supports to run File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) so this most important for web applications, also this is provides different types of security for that web servers.
iisreset scheduled tasks
Sometime IIS will stop to work on unexpected reason, in this situation you must restart the IIS manually this process many times tedious work for some people. So they can reset IIS by using scheduler task, this task will be reset IIS particular interval as per your settings.


Activate IIS Reset by using Schedule Task

Following steps explain how to reset IIS by using schedule task:

  1. Go to control panel and click Administrative Tools
  2. Select Task Scheduler
  3. In Task Scheduler window click Create Basic Task in right side Actions panel
  4. Create Basic Task wizard window will be open
  5. Enter the Task name as IIS Rest in Name area and Add the description if you wish and click next
  6. IIS Reset add name

  7. In Task Trigger area select when do you want IIS reset task start, Daily or Weekly or whatever your needs
  8. IIS Reset select daily

  9. If you select Daily you can add the task start time
  10. IIS Reset

  11. In Action area select start a program options and click next
  12. Click on Program/Script browse button and select C:\Windows\System32\iisreset.exe and click next button
  13. IIS Reset exe

  14. You can review your settings and click to Finish button
  15. Now your IIS Reset scheduler task will be added and it will start as per your scheduler time

IIS Reset
If you would like to modify the task, right click on the task and select properties it will be open Task settings window here you can modify anything as you wish.

One thought on “How to Reset IIS using Scheduled Tasks?”
  1. This is great… Thanks.
    Is there a way to get this to write an event to the Windows Event Log indicating that iisreset did restart IIS?

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