Nowadays everyone always finds the solutions to increase their mobile battery life. Because most people do not aware of how to save their mobile battery usage. Every mobile battery has some charging lifecycle. After completing the lifecycle, it will be reduced power backups. So, you must carefully use your mobile for long battery life.

The following points really help to save your mobile battery life.

1. Mobile case

Many people using the mobile back case for safety purpose but while charging some mobile case does not defuse the heating. So must use the air circulated mobile case or remove the mobile case while charging.

2. Charge with a heating area

While charging your mobile you must keep on the normal temperature area. Do not use the heating area like charging with a TV stand while running on the TV. Also do not charge after completed the gameplay, because while gameplay your mobile battery overheat. In this situation, you should not make charge immediately.

3. Dark wallpaper

Many people using their own wallpaper, but if they using light wallpaper your mobile battery power is consumed widely. So, you have to always use dark color wallpaper to reduce your battery power consumption.

4. Do not use Fast charging

Nowadays most of the new mobile comes with fast charging technology. But if you always using fast charging your battery life will be reduced. Even though if you forgot to switch off while fast charging this will be overheated. So, try to use a low voltage charger if you do not have any urgent.

5. Maintain Battery Charge level

Your battery charge level is most important to increase your battery life. Some of the people charge the mobile when switched off due to low battery. But always you have to maintain the battery charge level minimum 25% and maximum 80%, this will be really improved your battery life.

6. Turn off Mobile data

Some people always turn on the mobile data on the mobile. Some mobile apps run on background in the mobile data is ON. So you have to turn off mobile data when you are not using the mobile.

7. Disable auto-brightness

Auto brightness is a useful feature of mobiles, this sensor always checks and adjusts the brightness based on your room light. The sensor also consumes battery power. So you have to manually see the brightness of your display and disable the auto-brightness.

8. Use Light version social media apps

Many people always hang on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and more apps. In this case, if you are using a regular version social media app that will consume the battery power widely. Because a lot of features running in the background. So, you have to use the light version of social media apps.

9. Display Timeout

Many people set the mobile display time out as more than 30 seconds. Some people do not manually lock the screen so that it will lock the screen based on the display timeout settings. So that you must set the timeout 15 to 25 seconds. This is most important to save battery life.

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