Outlook Email client widely used for communication purpose in organisational level, if Outlook daily used for transferring and receiving the emails (means communication purpose) so Outlook Emails automatically increased. If you have many Email in Outlook they can affect the performance of Email client, and also you can face managing problem. In this situation, you need to create the backup of all emails and store into computer hard disk as PDF document. You want to convert outlook email to PDF document so you can try these solutions – Outlook email client “save as” option, Adobe Acrobat, and the final solution is MSG to PDF Converter.
convert outlook email message to pdf file
In this article, I will describe methods for exporting Outlook Email to PDF document. Now, first, start from Outlook Email. Message or Email of Outlook stored within Outlook data file PST and store a single message of Outlook with the header, body, attachments and other information. PDF file stand for Portable Document Format, PDF is the independent format and used for containing text, images, graphics and other types of information. Both formats are used for containing information but totally different from each other.


How to Convert Outlook emails to PDF :

Some methods are given below to perform conversion of Outlook Emails to PDF document. The File conversion between both formats is easy to do if you follow the given steps:

1:Export Outlook email to PDF With Adobe Acrobat:

To work with this procedure you need Adobe Acrobat and Outlook Email client software, first install Outlook and then install Adobe Acrobat. Launch Outlook then click on Acrobat on the toolbar. Now you can see two options Attach as Adobe PDF and Attach as Secured Adobe PDF. Attach as Adobe PDF means attachments is going to save as PDF document.
After installation of Outlook, and Adobe Acrobat, click on the toolbar of Acrobat now you can see four sub-menus: Select a message, Select folders, Change conversion setting and Setup automatic archival.
Select message – with this option you can convert Outlook email to PDF file, First select email which one you want to convert, then right-click on it, now select convert to Adobe PDF, then enter the file name and click on “save”.
Select Folders – The option convert Outlook Emails folder messages to PDF format, First select folders option then click on the folder to convert Outlook messages to PDF files.


2: Convert Outlook messages to Adobe PDF document by using Outlook:

You can easily work with this manual procedure without the need of any other software, but yes Outlook Email client is required to perform this task. The procedure is perfect for few MSG files, but cannot convert multiple outlook email to PDF at a time.

Follow given steps to convert outlook messages to PDF:

  1. Open Outlook email with Outlook
  2. Then go file menu and select “Save as” option
  3. Now select .html Save as type, and select destination location
  4. Then open .html file in Microsoft Word
  5. After open .html extension file on Microsoft Word then select “save as” option
  6. Now select PDF format to save file as .pdf document

This is a simple procedure that can convert Outlook message content with the header, sender detail, recipient details, and other information, but the procedure cannot convert Outlook email attachments. If you want to convert other Outlook email so you need to repeat these steps again.


3:How to Convert Email to PDF Format with attachment by using MSG to PDF Converter:

MSG to PDF converter tool is the finest solution to perform conversion of Outlook emails to PDF file because you don’t need to know any techniques or technical Knowledge to work with this commercial utility. The tool makes conversion process very easy of Outlook MSG files to PDF with attachments, also provides easy graphical User Interface that means user can directly interact with the tool as graphically.



In the above article, describes three methods to Convert emails to PDF Format, you can select any method to perform this conversion tasks, but select any one method from multiple methods is difficult, so if your requirement to convert multiple Outlook emails with their attachments into PDF format then you need an efficient method. I think the third method is correct solution of your problem because manual procedure always has some disadvantages, other hand commercial utility provides easy and effective way to perform conversion. The MSG to PDF Converter is commercial software originally developed to solve users query on “How to convert Outlook emails to PDF with attachment”.


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