Microsoft Word has many features voice to text also one of the useful features of Word. Sometimes people would like to type then more than 10 pages of the articles, in this case, they are tired or boring to type the text. So, they can use the Word Dictate feature to make voice to text. This will be helping the user create many pages without using keyboard typewriting.


Voice to Text in Microsoft Word

  1. Open the Microsoft Word document and go to the Voice section under the Home Tab
  2. Click on the Dictate button more icon and choose the language
  3. Then click on the Dictate image button it will be open the microphone setup
  4. Wait for the red dot to appear and start to speak
  5. After finishing your voice click again the Dictate button to stop recording
  6. Now it will be automatically converting voice to text.

Please be note if you would like to add some special character then you must add punctuation to your text. For example, comma, Exclamation symbol, new paragraph, semicolon, question mark, etc.
Before going to make dictate your text must check-up your microphone audio quality and start recording. Also, speak clearly to repaganize your voice to make perfect and mistake-free text.


Dictate Feature missing issues

If your Microsoft Word missing in Dictate features, you must check your Office 365 version. Because this will work only office 365 subscription. The following steps guide you to enable the Dictate features:

  1. Go to File -> Options
  2. In the Word options window select the General Tab in the left sidebar
  3. Under Office, Intelligence Services select the option “Enable services”

After enabling the service Dictate button will be displayed in your Word document.


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