Every day more than thousands of YouTube channels have been created newly. But most of the YouTubers do not know about their account security features. Security features is most important for all YouTube accounts because some of the popular channels also compromised. So, you must increase your security to protect your YouTube account. Here we have listed all security features, this will help to protect your YouTube account.


1. Enable 2 Step verification

Google provides the extra security layer to protect your Google Account. You can enable this feature to increase security from hackers. If you enabled, these features every time when you log in to your google account it will ask for the One-Time Password. This will generate from your mobile SMS or Google Authenticator app based on your settings.


2. Disconnect website or Apps from your Google account

Nowadays most of the online tools provide features to log in with Google Account. When you signup the first time they are getting access permission to your google account. They are not completely accessing your google account, but they can be able to access some part. Sometimes this is the loophole to enter the hackers into your YouTube account. So, just remove the website or Apps from your YouTube using Google account.


3. Make Strong passwords

A strong Password is most important for the security of your YouTube account. Strong Password should be a minimum of 16 characters and use the Uppercase, small case, and include with special characters included. Do not use your name, channel name, or date of birth of the password. LastPass online password generator tool helps to make a strong password you can use that.


4. Do not Show YouTube account email ID

Some people showing their YouTube account Email address on their channel about section. Sometimes hackers easy to find your YouTube account address from there. So you should not provide the email address or use some other Email address in the about section.


5. Do not reply to any suspicious email

Sometimes people received from their YouTube email account to update the YouTube settings. You can have to carefully check that mail because hackers using the YouTube logo to make you foolish. If you received any suspicious email with the YouTube logo do not reply, first you have to log in to check with the YouTube account in a separate browser window. If any important update available, they will be displayed on the YouTube dashboard.


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