WordPress widget is like a content block, it is useful to place the content, where we need it in the WordPress site page. For example, if you would like to add the content on the page sidebar, you can add the widget to display the content. Most of the WordPress theme supports the Widget place holder, by using this you can easily build your home page more beautiful.


How to Add Widget in WordPress

If you are going to build a WordPress website with a sidebar you can add some important content on the sidebar like a Contact form or the latest news.

In the Left sidebar, Go to the Appearance -> Widgets. In this Widget page, your WordPress theme Widget Place holders displayed. You can just drag and drop the widget from the Available Widgets section to the Widget place holder.

You can also directly add from Available Widget section by click on the Widget, it will be expanding and shows all Widget Place holder, you can just choose the Sidebar to Add Widget.


For example, you can just drag and drop the “Search” Widget into the Sidebar Place holder. After added your enter website sidebar will be displayed the search features.


You can also add the multiple Widget into the Sidebar place holder as you need from the Available Widget section. Also, you can just drag and drop to move up or down to make order the sidebar widgets.

If you would like to add the Custom text or include the HTML page, you can use the Custom HTML Widget.

How to Remove Widget

If you would like to remove the Widget from the place holder you can open the widget and click on the “Delete” link to Remove the Widget from Sidebar.


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